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Mildred Ann Matlack (1861-1939), of Louisville, Kentucky, was daughter of Samuel Matlack, Civil War veteran and a Louisville magistrate, and Mildred Ann Gregory. She married on 5 July 1892, Henry Barnes Taylor (1863-1926). They had two children. She died at Louisville, 13 March 1939, and is buried at Cave Hill Cemetery.

I have not yet found out the full ancestry, but these Matlacks appear to be a branch of the Quaker Matlacks of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, who produced Timothy Matlack, a Pennsylvania politician who was the engrosser (calligrapher) of the signed fair-copy of the Declaration of Independence, for the Continental Congress.

This photograph of Mildred Ann Matlack appears to date from about the time of her marriage.


Mildred's parents, Samuel Matlack and Mildred Ann (Gregory) Matlack:

• Matlack of Lancaster, OH & Louisville, KY: tabular pedigree chart

• Samuel Matlack (1815-81): obituary from a Louisville newspaper, pasted into his bible

• "The Two (or Three) Samuel Matlacks of Fairfield County, Ohio," an article on his family (manuscript pdf)

• grave of Samuel Matlack, Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville

• Quaker Matlacks of New Jersey and Pennsylvania: tabular pedigree chart

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