my children's seize quartiers: quarter 4: Schillinger

Emma Wilhelmina Magdalena Schillinger (1864-1953) of Louisville. Her parents immigrated in 1854 from Kippenheim, Baden-Württemburg; her father Johann Philip Schillinger owned a brewery. Traceable ancestry includes agnate descent from Johann Adam Schillinger, of Emmendingen, Baden, who married and settled in nearby Kippenheim in 1701.


Iohann Philip Schillinger and Katherine Jenne


Johann Philipp Schillinger & Katherina Jenne, of Kippenheim, Baden: immigrant ancestry for 10 generations, traced in compiled Ortssippenbücher from Kippenheim and neighboring towns

• Johann Philipp Schillinger: advertisement for beer from the Weber & Schillinger brewery, Louisville (1873)

• grave of Johann Phillip Schillinger, Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville

• Schillinger — Jenne documentation

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