my children's seize quartiers: quarter 7: Brownell

Richard James Brownell (1857-1906), immigrant to New York City from Stackallan, County Meath, Ireland. Worked as a domestic gardener in Newport, R.I., New York City, then Brookline, Massachusetts. The Brownell family, Protestant farmers, can be traced in Stackallan, Meath from the mid 18th century forward. This kindred includes Frederick Gordon Brownell, retired in 2002 as Chief Herald of the Republic of South Africa.

Here he is, in a portrait made when he was living and working in Newport in the mid 1880s:

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Stackallan, County Meath: Church of Ireland churchyard, 2003: a picturesque, overgrown and largely abandoned yard, inaccessible from current roads except through fields.

• Brownell graves, Stackallan Church of Ireland churchyard, in 2003

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Frederick Gordon Brownell, formerly chief of the Bureau of Heraldry of the Republic of South Africa (and designer of the contemporary flag of the Republic of South Africa) has researched this family over the course of many years. I currently have copies of material he sent to my cousin Richard James Brownell III, but not in a form which can be put on the internet.

Frederick Gordon Brownell was Chief of the Bureau of Heraldry of the Republic of South Africa from 1980 until 2002. In 1980, he registered this coat of arms for his father and himself, with subsequent matriculations, with suitable differences, for family members. Arms: Ermine, a chevron Azure cotised Gules and a chief gably of three Azure. (Afrikaans: In hermelyn, 'n blou keper, rooi gerib, en 'n blou skildhoof gegewel van drie.)


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