my children's seize quartiers: quarter 10: Nye

Mary Lillian (later Mary Stapleton) Nye (1882-1965) of Somerville and Wellesley, MA. Descendant of Benjamin Nye, who immigrated in 1637 and settled in Sandwich (Cape Cod), Massachusetts; and from many other eastern and central Massachusetts families. Her mother, Cora Emma Stapleton, was born in Arkansas of an English immigrant father (De Vere Stapleton) and a Virginian mother (Mary Williamson, of Bedford County, Virginia).

Here is a four-generation photograph taken maybe in 1917 when Joseph R. Scott (Sr.) was a boy. From left, his mother Mary (Nye) Scott; his grandmother Cora (Stapleton) Nye (with boy in her lap); and her grandmother Mary Jane (Boardman) Nye. I wish I could ask Cora more about her parents. For that matter, Mary Jane looks like a fabulous conversationalist too. They look grimly satisfied with their progeny.

• David C. Nye (1805-1870): lot 2913 of Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts

blog entry with photograph of the Nye plot, Mount Auburn Cemetery

• Williamson & Bowles of Bedford County, Virginia: genealogical summary

De Vere Stapleton: genealogical summary

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