Nathaniel Lane Taylor: professional genealogy

I hold a Ph.D. in European history from Harvard University (1995), with over fifteen years of research experience in American and European archives. I have an extensive portfolio of publication in historical and genealogical journals (see publications list). I am familiar with a broad range of sources and methods for research in premodern Britain as well as colonial and early-national New England, Virginia, and the Ohio Valley; I also have detailed technical experience with wills and probate law, both American and European. This depth of academic and professional experience has prepared me to take on a variety of genealogical projects on a professional basis. I have been doing commissioned genealogical work of various types since 2004.

In 2011 I was elected a Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists, the honorary society of the nation's leading scholarly genealogists. In 2012 I became an editor of The American Genealogist. Since 2012 I have also served as the genealogist for a lineage society, the Descendants of the Illegitimate Sons and Daughters of the Kings of Britain, which has a reputation of a stringent standard of lineage-preparation for members.

I am always happy to discuss possible commissioned projects, although my time is limited: I do not undertake everything that might cross my desk. I will readily tell you if I feel your particular needs will be better met by working with a professional with different skills, or someone with local access to a particular region or set of source material. If we both agree to go forward with a commissioned project, rates and time-limits will be agreed upon in advance.

Types of projects

• Lineage preparation, for application for membership to a lineage society such as Daughters of the American Revolution.

• Genealogical consultation in a legal context (litigation, probate or property law) requiring genealogical analysis.

• Focused research or research mentoring, on a specific genealogical problem (such as an unidentified ancestor), in any period or locality.

• On-site searching and analysis of unpublished archival sources in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Central and Eastern Massachusetts.

• Transcription and translation of old documents, including documents in Latin, French, or Spanish.

• Preparation of a narrative genealogy or genealogical study (book-length or article-length), for publication or private circulation.

• 'House' history — researching and compiling a history of a structure and of its owners and occupants.

• Transcribing and editing a collection of letters or a diary for publication.

• Production editing (book design, professional pre-press preparation) of a genealogical book or publication.

• Design and production of high-quality genealogical charts (not generated by genealogy software), suitable for display.



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