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I hold a Ph.D. in medieval European history, and have taught history at the university level for a number of years. Research interests include medieval kinship consciousness, cultural and legal systems of kinship, inheritance and probate; the evolution of personal names; the evolution of genealogy as a discipline and literary form; and artistic and diagrammatic representation of families, including heraldry. Some of these interests are reflected in the page listing publications and manuscripts. A resident of Rhode Island, I divide my time among research, writing, editing, teaching, singing and playing piano organ, renovating our colonial house, and raising four young children. Since 2004 I have also undertaken occasional commissioned genealogical research on a selective basis. My primary interests lie in the history and evolution of genealogy as a field, and the intersections between genealogy and other forms of history.

In 2011, I was elected a fellow of the American Society of Genealogists.

In 2013, I became an editor of The American Genealogist.

The genealogist’s sketchbook is a holding tank for thoughts and work on various themes related to family history, or to my family’s history.

For other material, see the main webpage for this website here.