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kitchen fireplace 5: new hearth

Well, the new hearth is in — all eight feet across — and the marvellous new-old-stock bricks from Wickford don’t stink!

Contrast to last week’s gaping hearth pit:

For the first time, it now seems as if we’ve rounded the corner of demolition and opening-up, and are moving back toward ‘finished’ and ‘inhabitable’. As walls are being enclosed and soon to be plastered, and as floors are patched, I realize I will miss having so much of the fabric of the house being laid open for contemplation, like Vesalius’ skeletal model. But we do need to move in!

Many questions about the house remain unanswered. Our builder, wise in the ways of old houses, has declared that they should not be forced to yield up all their secrets. But I hope to post more on the open question of the house’s age.

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