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fine quarterings on a little brass: Wentworth of Gosfield

When I was in Salt Lake City last month (working hard on a royal descent which has since been disproved!) a friend gave me a couple of those books which have been sliced open for digitization, rendering them highly unstable (lots of loose pages held together by string). This is from William Loftie Rutton, Three branches of the family of Wentworth (London, 1891), which treats cadet branches of the old Yorkshire Wentworth family behind William Wentworth of New Hampshire. In fact, though, I have a descent from one of these cadet branches via Anne (Derehaugh) Stratton of Salem, whose ancestor Sir William Waldegrave married Margery Wentworth, daughter of Henry Wentworth of Gosfield, Essex. This Henry Wentworth’s grandson was Sir John Wentworth for whom the Rutton book reproduces this excellent little brass achievement:

The arms are about 18 cm. high in the book; and at the bottom of the plate is written “two-thirds actual size of the brass,” so the original is about 25 cm high; unfortunately the book doesn’t discuss the rest of the monument, which presumably also has an inscription and perhaps other design elements. The quarterings on the brass are illustrated with a helpful chart in the book, which (since every page is sliced apart) I’ve also scanned, here. Since Anne Derehaugh descends from John’s aunt Margery and therefore not John’s mother Anne (Tyrell) Wentworth, she doesn’t have quarterings nine through fourteen in her ancestry, alas. But it’s still a nice piece for virtual wall-hanging. (A descent from Anne Derehaugh can be found elsewhere on this site.) In addition to Anne Derehaugh, other colonial American descendants of Margery (Wentworth) Waldegrave include Jemima Waldegrave, Thomas Booth, Elizabeth Butler, Mary Johanna Somerset, William Clopton, Nathaniel Burrough, and the Kempe siblings. William Jennings and Sir Marmaduke Beckwith, Bart., of Virginia, descend from Margaret (Wentworth) Berney, sister of the Sir John of the brass, and therefore descend from all fourteen families represented in it.

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