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the enamel cardinals

Here’s another piece of WWI memorabilia from the family, this time something I cannot identify.

They are a pair of enamel cardinal pins, found with a cache of WWI and WWII material of mixed provenance (a WWI victory medal & ‘honorable discharge’ pin from my mother’s father, a WWII Sustineo Alas AAF Air Services Command pin from my mother’s cousin Wilbur), these may have belonged to my mother’s father, who enlisted the army in 1918 and was in an officer training program somewhere in the Southeast when the Armistice happened and he ended up discharged soon thereafter. These either come from him, or from my father’s father, who was an infantry lieutenant who served in France in 1918 (I’ve posted his medals and am still editing his 280-page WWI journal). These cardinals are about an inch high and as you can see they aren’t identical. One was made in Rochester, New York; the other in Attleborough, Massachusetts. I’m not sure where to turn to identify them. Anyone have any ideas?

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