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Fragments of Taylor history

Just found out the Hartford Herald (Hartford, Ohio County, Kentucky) is online in beautiful images as part of the Library of Congress “Chronicling America” database of historic newspapers. This led me to download all 45-odd installments of Harrison D. Taylor’s serial column “Fragments of the Early History of Ohio County,” which ran from April 1877 to March 1878. (This is page 1 of September 26, 1877, with chapter 24 in it. Click the picture to go to the source at the Library of Congress:)

Subsequently edited and reprinted in 1926 as a book, Ohio County, Kentucky in the Olden Days, these columns, and especially chapters 24 and 25 constitute nearly the earliest printed genealogical account of the Taylors. Actually, chapters 24 and 25, with the genealogical account, are based on a pamphlet printed in 1875 following a family reunion, which I have not seen in its original form — but which was reprinted separately in Ohio County, Kentucky, in the Olden Days. (There is a text online which may have been typed from a copy of the original 1875 pamphlet, but which I haven’t been able to verify — yet.)

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