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Category Archives: Taylor DNA

Taylor genealogy updated — marking genetically tested lines in a traditional genealogy

I just uploaded a new version of my e-book An American Taylor Family, which incorporates some revisions which have been on my ‘to-do’ list for over a year! This post is not just self-congratulatory, however, it’s to draw attention (my own as well as anyone’s who might read this) to a feature which I haven’t […]

Taylor DNA: 67 markers for Simon2

In March, our patience in tracking down yet another distant Taylor cousin for DNA testing paid off. We now have a complete 67-marker Y–DNA profile for the earliest testable genetic ancestor of this family, Simon2 Taylor of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia, who died in 1729. Five test subjects with known descent paths from Simon’s three […]

William, Jennings & Bryan Taylor, notorious triplets

I notice that at least one web-search that led to my site this month was a search for my sixth cousins twice removed, the triplets William, Jennings & Bryan Taylor, named after the great turn-of-the-century populist orator. They were sons of Frank L.8 Taylor (Joseph W.7, Tarpley6, John Clark5, Tarpley4, George3, Simon2, Richard). Duplicating the […]

Taylor article out in TAG

Well, to leave aside DNA for a moment and get back to real, paper genealogy, an e-mail last night told me that the first half of my article on the beginnings of our Taylor family is now out in the new issue of The American Genealogist — even though my copy hasn’t yet shown up […]

yet more Taylor Y-DNA results

The last time I blogged this we had just received preliminary data from a fourth member of our family to be tested, a cousin whose data pushes the ‘common ancestor’ back to Simon2 Taylor, who died in 1729. Now more of this cousin’s data are available, yielding the following data table: This raises some interesting […]

Taylor DNA update

Good news! Following work begun in the summer and already blogged here, and here, we now have another matching DNA sample from another branch of our Taylor family, which pushes the ‘most recent common ancestor’ of all test subjects back another generation, to Simon2 Taylor. The chart shows the new addition, test subject no. 166642, […]

Taylor DNA — toward a historical haplotype

Well, apparently I don’t know how to scrape the inside of my cheeks properly, since the lab took extra long to culture my Y-chromosome DNA. But I finally have a complete 37-marker Y-chromosome DNA test back, so now our Taylor family has three datapoints from which to triangulate a historical haplotype for our common ancestor, […]

Taylor family DNA — preliminary results

I’d been meaning to get into this for a while but had put it off. I’ve tracked my extended male family — on paper — for 17 years now (see my book). But what if DNA testing showed I didn’t belong? Not that I fear skeletons in my closet (or my ancestors’ closets), but I […]