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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Taylor family DNA — preliminary results

I’d been meaning to get into this for a while but had put it off. I’ve tracked my extended male family — on paper — for 17 years now (see my book). But what if DNA testing showed I didn’t belong? Not that I fear skeletons in my closet (or my ancestors’ closets), but I […]

Samuel Matlack grave — Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville

A propos the last post. A fine obelisk with leaves and flowers in deep relief. Photo from late fall of 2000.

The mystery of the Samuel Matlacks

Browsing somewhere online the other day, my eye jumped to a newly-published regimental history of the 10th Kentucky Infantry in the Civil War. This was the regiment of my great-great-grandfather Samuel Matlack (1815-1881), regimental quartermaster, then lieutenant and aide-de-camp on the staff of Brig. General Speed S. Fry, at Camp Nelson, Kentucky. Samuel and Mildred […]