revision log to An American Taylor Family: Descendants of Richard Taylor (d. 1679) of North Farnham Parish in the Northern Neck of Virginia for Seven Generations

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Queued revisions (no order):

Completed revisions:

2 May 2012. Corrected image formatting problem on page 9. Uploaded new version.

1 May 2012. Added a genetic genealogy profile chapter, based on the Y-DNA haplotype of Simon2 Taylor (group R1b-035, Taylor surname project,  Added material on new gravestone for Harrison4 Taylor, Ohio County, Kentucky.  Added a 'possible origins' section to, revised and retitled Chapter 2, incorporating gist of my article in The American Genealogist.  Added Simon-Constance marriage license image & transcription.  New chapter divisions in 6th-7th generations.  Moved and reordered Septimus5 Taylor entries, including Harrison County man. Uploaded new version.

30 April 2012.  Brief addition on Rev. Alva Wilmot8 Taylor, social reformer at Vanderbilt University.  Added helix icon — Description: gerontius:Users:nltaylor:Desktop:helix.jpg — to all men (father and child entries) in lines with confirmed biological kinship via completed Y-chromosome DNA testing of descendants. This includes to date the five matching lines tested as of 2010 through (Taylor surname project, group 35). Added text of Gladys Likens Rumage's memoir of her grandfather Henry Leach7 Taylor, from web-text put online by Charles Leach.

29 April 2012.  Worked in autobiography of Mary (Taylor) Smock, great-granddaughter of Septimus Ignatius Taylor of Ohio County, Kentucky: added quotations from memoir; revised & separated out Septimus I.'s two sons (6.40, 6.41), etc.  Revised William S.6 Taylor (father of Margaret Reid [Taylor] Taylor).

27 April 2012.  Edits to Henry Leach7 Taylor, based on Viola Ann (Likens) Rumage memoir.

4 February 2012.  Photos of Nora Clay8 Taylor Wood and her uncle (apparently) Columbus7 Taylor, courtesy Don Wood; related edits to Woodford M.7 Taylor descendants section.

8 December 2011. Uploaded new version.

2 September 2011. Photo of William Henry8& Rebecca (Van Zandt) Taylor, courtesy Frank Schowengerdt.

9 May 2011. Added Rebecca (Taylor) Parker bible notes, family 5.1. Added photos of Taylor triplets, courtesy descendant Doug Lewis. Expanded revision log with new sections (to-do, pre 2003, etc.)

[May 2010 – April 2011. Sporadic minor edits.]

19 April 2010. Edits to Hannah (Taylor) Fulkerson (daughter of Septimus I.); photo of Alfred Fulkerson.

18 April 2010. Minor edits to Winthrop Hopson Taylor (line of Judy (Taylor) West).

8 January 2010. Revised Thomas6 Taylor of Washington Territory (following correspondence from descendant Tom Joselyn, noting website of Charles Dailey).

19 December 2009. Finally did extensive revision of Wesley Henry6 Taylor, following Adair. Added new photos from Adair. Renumbered families 6.39 to end. Uploaded new version.

18 December 2009. Revisions / expansion of Taylors of Coryell County, Texas.

11 November 2009. Revisions / expansion of Taylors of Panola County, Mississippi.

26 September 2009. Minor edits, including descendants of Simon4 Taylor.

4 July 2009. Added photos of John Hendricks7 Taylor & Sarah (Taylor) MacGirvin, courtesy Kevin Etzkorn. Minor edits to Hampshire County sketches.

21-22 June 2009. Began revision of Tarpley4 & descendants using Adair work. Edited Edward6 Taylor of California. Retroactively expanded revision log back to beginning of 2008.

21 April 2009. Edits re: Mercer Beeson (grandfather of Rachel (Cole) Taylor, wife of John Clark5 Taylor). Uploaded new version.

20 April 2009. Added second obit. of Elizabeth (Austin) Taylor, wife of Blackston6.

31 March 2009. Better photo of Massey (Young) Taylor grave from Brian Gahan. Added detail image from Joseph C. Taylor family record, from Shannon Gahan.

29 March 2009. Second photo of Eliza Ellen7 Taylor Gahan (from Shannon Gahan), minor edits.

19 March 2009. Further Gopher Hill Cemetery photos ( and edits to Taylors of Warren County, Indiana.

18 March 2009. Added photo & made minor edits, Ellen Eliza7 (Taylor) Gahan. Uploaded new version.

27-28 December 2008. Photo of gravestone of Sarah (Cornett) Taylor (from Mary Ann Kelley); plat for grant to Richard5 Taylor.

19 November 2008. Minor corrections (Cornett7 Taylor).

15 November 2008. Uploaded new version.

6-7 November 2008. Added photos & info. from Joe Taylor’s Ohio County Kentucky photographs website; also photo of Sherman C. Taylor, father of Russie (Taylor) Berryman, from From the Distant Past to the Present. Minor revision & expansion of related entries.

28 October 2008. Added obit. for John Hendricks7 Taylor (Joseph Clark6, John Clark5), aet 101, from Brian Gahan. Additional children of John Hendricks Taylor.

1 October 2008. Minor revisions (Cornett7 Taylor, etc.).

14 September 2008. New data on Cornett7 Taylor (Harrison6, Richard5, Harrison4).

25 August 2008. Added gravestone photos (taken by NLT, 2001) of Harrison6 and Philenia (Pigman) Taylor.

12 August 2008. Uploaded new version.

11 August 2008. Add Thomas Jesper will (original) photograph & revised section. Minor other edits.

3 August 2008. Promoted Constance2 Taylor and Sarah3 Taylor to their own top-level sketches (2.1 & 3.1); revised Maguire children account. [Not yet done for Elizabeth4 (John3).] Reformatted to out-dent first para. of each family sketch. Minor other reformatting / edits. Pasted in biographical encyclopedia sketch for Edward Alfonso7 Taylor (6.32). Added summary of Myron Piper’s evidence for parentage of apparent children of Joseph5 Taylor (5.11).

28 July 2008. Uploaded new version. Created Revision Log.

27 July 2008. Revise Sarah3 Taylor / Thomas Jesper & children (Headley abstracts of Richmond County probate). Revise Simon4 Taylor, Simon5 Taylor (Simon4), adding notice of WVA State Library MSS. Revise conjectural Tarpley Early5 Taylor of Posey Co., Indiana.

3 July 2008. Inserted photos, revised sketches of John Blackstone7 Taylor.

15 June 2008. Photos of John Clark and Rachel (Cole) Taylor’s graves (courtesy of Brian Gahan), with edits to entries.

15 February 2008. Revised Simon4 Taylor, Simon5 Taylor, etc.: added notice of deeds at West Virginia State Library.

[revision log begins January 2008. Book frequently revised from first paper circulation, 1992, and first on-line version, 2004]

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