nathaniel lane taylor: courses current or recently taught in medieval European history

links are either to available course websites or to .pdf paper syllabi


The Crusades:

Medieval Warfare and the Crusades (Harvard University DCE, Spring 2010 — access to registered students only)

The Crusades (Brown University, Fall 2009 — access to registered students only)

The Legacy of the Crusades (minicourse, Brown Learning Community, Fall 2002)

The Middle Ages: Surveys

The Early Middle Ages (University of Kentucky, Fall 2000)

The Later Middle Ages (University of Kentucky, Spring 2001)

• The High Middle Ages (Brown University, Spring 2003; University of Rhode Island, Fall 2003) — now offline

Church and State in the Middle Ages (Trinity College, Fall 2001)

The Medieval Church, from Origins to the Reformation (Harvard University DCE, Fall 2009)

• Kingdoms, Communities and Civilizations of Medieval Spain, 456-1516 (Harvard University, Fall 2004) — (now offline)

The Medieval Cathedral (Harvard College, freshman seminar, Fall 1999)

• The Medieval Church (Brown University, history concentrators' seminar, Spring 2007) — (now offline)

Charlemagne and his Empire (Brown University, Fall 2002)


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