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"The Banisters of Boston and Newport, with the Royal Ancestry of Frances Walker, wife of Thomas2 Banister" [by Nathaniel Lane Taylor and Michael Andrews-Reading], New England Historical and Genealogical Register 165 (2011), 85-99, 206-222.

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"The Will and Society in Medieval Catalonia and Languedoc, 800-1200," (Ph.D. diss., Harvard Univ., 1995).

George Washington Lane of Gloucester Mass.: Seven Letters Home from the Civil War.” MS: Annotated transcription. Lane was a private in the 32d Mass. Volunteer Infantry.

Beatrice Fettiplace: a Portuguese Lady in England.” MS. Review of Portuguese and English evidence for the identity and misidentification of an ancestress of Gov. Thomas Dudley.

The Alleged Gresley-Swinnerton Marriage: a Closer Examination.” MS. Disproof of a fourteenth-century marriage affecting the ancestry of Richard More of the Mayflower, William Wentworth and several other American colonial immigrants.

A weird chirograph of 1151 from the Arxiu de la Corona d'Aragó, Barcelona (html note)

Endowing the Templars: two donation / bequest documents from twelfth-century Catalonia and Languedoc (html note)


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