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new version of Taylor book — now with triplet photos

After two years since the last upload, I’ve finally uploaded a minor revision of my Taylor book. I think I will be working on it forever. Notable things in the last two years still haven’t made it into the book — the success of our triangulation of a DNA profile for Simon2 Taylor, and the publication of my article on the possible parents of his father Richard — but I’ve been hearing from a steady stream of cousins. Notable among them have been descendants of the media-sensation triplets William9, Jennings9, and Bryan9 Taylor, sons of Frank L.8 Taylor (Joseph W.7, Tarpley6, John Clark5, Tarpley4, George3, Simon2, Richard). They toured as exhibition boxers in the nineteen-twenties, and each of them has living descendants who have found the book. There are some good triplet photos in the book now; the earliest is this one, courtesy of descendant Tim W., via Doug Lewis:

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  1. charles taylor wrote:

    My sister and I Karen Ring are interested in more about our Grandfather Jennnings L. Taylor and Great Grandfather Frank L. Taylor. Our Father was Charles Edward Taylor who passed Jan.8,1964. We have read your revised script and would love to have anymore information you can direct us to about our family. My sisters email is you can contact both of us. Thank you so much, Charles Taylor

    Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 22:41 | Permalink

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