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Nathaniel Lane Taylor, An American Taylor Family: Descendants of Richard Taylor (d. 1679) of North Farnham Parish in the Northern Neck of Virginia for Seven Generations (the author: 1992-2015), 254 pp.

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Current version: 27 February 2015.* Current file size: 34MB

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This book undergoes frequent revision / expansion, and a new version is uploaded periodically.

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Anyone interested in this family should also read my stand-alone article on the origins of this family: "The False and Possibly True English Origins of Richard Taylor of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia," The American Genealogist 83 (2009), 161-73, 278-91.

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A large-format chart shows the early generations of this family and continues with my descent in a direct line; this is a much smaller file (68K) and can be downloaded here:

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Secondary Sources (pdf):

Harrison D. Taylor, "History of the Taylor Family," Hartford, Kentucky, 1875, reprinted as chapter 21 of Ohio County, Kentucky in the Olden Days, ed. Mary Taylor Logan (Louisville, 1926), pp. 101-111.

Mary Taylor Logan, "Taylor." Typescript, Louisville, Kentucky, soon after 1926, 14 pp.

Henry Charles Taylor, "Lineage and Descendants of George Taylor of Fleming County, Kentucky." Typescript, 1938, 20 pp.

Henry Charles Taylor, "The Tarpley Taylor Family." Typescript, September, 1939, revised 19 September 1945, 20 pp.

"The Richard Taylor Bible," transcribed by Mary Sue Bryson and Joe Less Leach Ashby, The Kentucky Genealogist 1 (1959), 147-150.

Anonymous, The Lineage and The Descendants of Tarpley Early Taylor Prepared by His Children and Grandchildren. Typeset, no place, no date [1959]. 15 pp.

Gayle O. Kamp, The Kamp Papers, vol. 2 (Indianapolis, Indiana, 1986), pp. 699-737 ("Taylor"), and endnotes, p. 786.

Primary Source Documents (pdf or other image):

Marriage bond and license for Simon Taylor and Constance Berrington, of Stanford-on-Soar, Nottinghamshire, 14 June 1641. Diocese of York: Archdeaconry of Nottingham: Marriage Allegations, 1641-1665, FHL film 0592745. Link is to blog entry with transcription and high-resolution digital capture from microfilm. My article in TAG, "The False and Possibly True English Origins of Richard1 Taylor of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia," discusses the possibility that these are the parents of Richard1 Taylor.

Will of Richard1 Taylor, made 22 March 1678/9, proved 7 May 1679, recorded 21 May 1679: Old Rappahannock County (Virginia), Deed & Will Book 2 (1677-1682), pp. 131-133.

Will of Simon2 Taylor, made 18 August 1728, proved 5 February 1728/9: Richmond County (Virginia), Will Book 5, pp. 126-27.

Grant, dated 25 August 1779, by Thomas, Lord Fairfax, to Simon Taylor of Hampshire County Virginia — i.e. Simon4 Taylor (John3, Simon2, Richard) — of a tract of 295 Acres. Original grant signed by Fairfax, and handed down in grantee's family, now in the West Virginia Archives and History Library, MS2001-010. Scan of a photocopy.

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