for published writing on medieval themes, see list of publications and sundry manuscripts

for other tidbits, see the blog, 'a genealogist's sketchbook'

medieval genealogical images

some Romanesque Trees of Jesse (photos & captions)

• some medieval diagrammatic pedigrees [images & commentary]

From Adam to Jesus (from manuscripts of Beatus of Liebana's Commentary on the Apocoalypse)

• Charlemagne

• Ottonians & Welfs

John of Worcester: genealogies of the English Kings (ca. 1128)

• other English royal genealogies

the Saint-Aubin genealogies: an eleventh-century leaf of aristocratic genealogies from an Angevin perspective

• other lords and serfs

Arbores consanguinitatis: medieval tables of consanguinity

• some medieval armorial images (in heraldry section)

medieval genealogical images — external links

the Otley Brass (Lyndley and Palmes families, 1593), image at the Monumental Brass Society website

l'arbre de consanguinité, a fine little informational sequence at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, confusingly interlinked with pages on many related subjects. Based on Klapisch-Zuber.

Edward IV Roll (c. 1461), exhibited at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Photos of the roll are archived on this site:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Whole Roll (lower resolution)

other medieval images (texts, art, modern imaginings of medieval events)

Portraits of Charlemagne (photos and commentary)

real and false Crusading documents

• the 'Salles des Croisades' at Versailles:

bad genre paintings: thumbnail gallery (at my Brown University, History 110 website)

• Charles Gavard's armorial of crusaders (real and false) from the Salles des Croisades

other medieval material (see also handouts, etc., accessible via the teaching resources menu)

• gateways to medieval ancestry—a definition

• a note on Canon Law and consanguinity (at s.g.m. home page)

the Sancha de Ayala page:

Sancha's literary heritage

Sancha's brother: Pedro Suárez de Toledo

• Quejana (Álava): castle of the lords of Ayala

• Toledo: Convent of Santa Isabel de los Reyes


• some interesting medieval ancestors (in ancestry section)

• descents from antiquity bibliography

• medieval textual genealogies – annotated bibliography

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